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Revue de Chirurgie Orthopédique et Traumatologique

précedemment Revue de Chirurgie orthopédique et réparatrice de l'appareil moteur

Vol 104 - N°8 - décembre 2018
P. 761-861
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Is direct anterior approach plus dual-mobility cup a good match?
pages 761-763
Sébastien Lustig, Patrice Mertl, Michel-Henri Fessy, Philippe Massin

Mémoire original
Electromyographic study of hip muscles involved in total hip arthroplasty: Surprising results using the direct anterior minimally invasive approach
pages 764-770
Jules Bernard, Fredson Razanabola, Julien Beldame, Stéphane Van Driessche, Helena Brunel, Thomas Poirier, Jean Matsoukis, Fabien Billuart
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Mémoire original
Leg length discrepancy after total hip arthroplasty: Can leg length be satisfactorily controlled via anterior approach without a traction table? Evaluation in 56 patients with EOS 3D
pages 771-776
Paul Lecoanet, Morgane Vargas, Julien Pallaro, Thomas Thelen, Clément Ribes, Thierry Fabre

Mémoire original
Does hip center location affect the recovery of abductor moment after total hip arthroplasty?
page 777
Jun-ichi Fukushi, Ichiro Kawano, Goro Motomura, Satoshi Hamai, Ken-ichi Kawaguchi, Yasuharu Nakashima

Mémoire original
Same survival but higher rate of osteolysis for metal-on-metal, ultamet versus ceramic-on-ceramic in patients undergoing primary total hip arthroplasty after 8 years of follow-up
page 778
Yoshitoshi Higuchi, Taisuke Seki, Yasuhiko Takegami, Daigo Komatsu, Daigo Morita, Naoki Ishiguro

Mise au point
Total hip arthroplasty after failed transtrochanteric rotational osteotomy for osteonecrosis of the femoral head: A systematic review and meta-analysis
page 779
Tomonori Shigemura, Yohei Yamamoto, Yasuaki Murata, Takashi Sato, Ryuto Tsuchiya, Norichika Mizuki, Yasunori Toki, Yuichi Wada

Mise au point
The Merete Bioball system in hip revision surgery: A systematic review
page 780
Carlos D. Novoa, Mustafa Citak, Akos Zahar, Roxana E. López, Thorsten Gehrke, José L. Rodrigo

Mémoire original
Are dual mobility cups associated with increased metal ions in the blood? Clinical study of nickel and chromium levels with 29 months’ follow-up
pages 781-785
Laura Marie-Hardy, Padhraig O’Laughlin, Michel Bonnin, Tarik Ait Si Selmi

Mémoire original
Risk factors for cut-out after internal fixation of trochanteric fractures in elderly subjects
pages 786-790
Antoine Morvan, Jacques Boddaert, Judith Cohen-Bittan, Hervé Picard, Hugues Pascal-Mousselard, Frédéric Khiami

Mémoire original
New scoring system at admission to predict walking ability at discharge for patients with hip fracture
page 791
Takayoshi Oba, Hiroyuki Makita, Yutaka Inaba, Hayato Yamana, Tomoyuki Saito

Mémoire original
Does endoscopic piriformis tenotomy provide safe and complete tendon release? A cadaver study
pages 792-796
Rémy Coulomb, Anis Khelifi, Martin Bertrand, Olivier Mares, Olivier May, Philippe Marchand, Pascal Kouyoumdjian

Mémoire original
Early morbidity and mortality after single-stage bilateral total knee replacement
pages 797-801
Yoann Lévy, Michel Azar, Laurie Tran, Pascal Boileau, Nicolas Bronsard, Christophe Trojani

Note de technique
An original all-arthroscopic technique for bony fixation of lateral meniscus allograft via four tibial tunnels: A cadaver study
pages 802-805
Eric Sali, Alexandre Hardy, Olivier Grimaud, Alain Meyer
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Note de technique
Iliotibial band friction syndrome: An original technique of digastric release of the iliotibial band from Gerdy's tubercle
pages 806-810
Paul Walbron, Adrien Jacquot, Jean-Marc Geoffroy, François Sirveaux, Daniel Molé

Cheville, Pied
Mémoire original
Contribution of a new radiologic calcaneal measurement to the treatment decision tree in Haglund syndrome
pages 811-816
Yves Tourné, Anne-Laure Baray, Renaud Barthélémy, Paul Moroney

Mémoire original
Incidence and outcomes of revision surgery after first metatarsophalangeal joint arthrodesis: Multicenter study of 158 cases
pages 817-822
Gaël Gaudin, Jean-Yves Coillard, Marc Augoyard, Yves Tourné, Tristan Meusnier, Philippe Beaudet, Jean-Noël Bernard, Romain Augoyard, Jean-Luc Besse, Association française de chirurgie du pied (AFCP) b

Mémoire original
Posterior tibial perforator-based flaps for leg and foot defects: Indications, limitations, and technical considerations
pages 823-826
Nathalie Kerfant, Charlotte Monnerie, Anne-Sophie Henry, Pierre Ta, Weiguo Hu, Hoel Letissier, Dominique Le Nen

Mémoire original
Distal clavicle fractures: A new classification system
page 827
Chul-Hyun Cho, Beom-Soo Kim, Du-Han Kim, Chang-Hyuk Choi, Jinmyoung Dan, HoMin Lee

Mémoire original
Arthroscopy-assisted fixation of fracture of the distal part of the clavicle by subcoracoid suture and clavicle button
pages 828-831
Pierre Sautet, Alexandre Galland, Stéphane Airaudi, Jean-Noël Argenson, Renaud Gravier

Mémoire original
Comparison of the clinical effectiveness of bone morphogenic protein (BMP)-2 and -7 in the adjunct treatment of lower limb nonunions
pages 832-833
Patrick Haubruck, Michael C. Tanner, Wasilios Vlachopoulos, Saskia Hagelskamp, Matthias Miska, Julian Ober, Christian Fischer, Gerhard Schmidmaier

Mémoire original
Fibular non-union in distraction osteogenesis of the tibia
page 834
Toby Jennison, Ryan Giordmaina, Martin McNally

Mémoire original
Outcomes of distal humerus fractures: What are we measuring?
page 835
Ali Zarezadeh, Kelly Mamelson, W. Christian Thomas, Bradley S. Schoch, Thomas W. Wright, Joseph J. King

Mémoire original
Medial malleolus fractures: A biomechanical comparison of tension band wiring fixation methods
page 836
Esat Uygur, Oguz Poyanli, Ibrahim Mutlu, Talip Çelik, Fuat Akp?nar

Pratique professionnelle
Intramedullary nailing in open tibia fractures. The CHU de Lamordé (Niamey, Niger) experience
pages 837-841
Souna Badio Seyni, Hervé Thomazeau, Abdoul Wahab Mohamed Alhassane, Abass Seyni Zirbine

Mémoire Original / Travaux de la Société d’Orthopédie de l’Ouest (SOO)
Impact of setting up a bone and joint infection referral center on arthroscopic treatment of septic arthritis of the knee and shoulder: Retrospective study
pages 842-846
Marion Besnard, Damien Babusiaux, Pascal Garaud, Philippe Rosset, Louis Bernard, Louis-Romé Le Nail, Julien Berhouet, Société d’Orthopédie de l’Ouest c

Mémoire original
Calcium phosphate cement loaded with 10% vancomycin delivering high early and late local antibiotic concentration in vitro
page 847
Gaoyang Chen, Bo Liu, He Liu, Hanyang Zhang, Kerong Yang, Qingyu Wang, Jianxun Ding, Fei Chang

Mémoire original
The best knot and suture configurations for high-strength suture material. An in vitro biomechanical study
page 848
Dominik C. Meyer, Elias Bachmann, Alexandre Lädermann, Georg Lajtai, Thorsten Jentzsch

Mémoire original
Ten-year epidemiological study in an orthopaedic and trauma surgery centre: Are there risks involved in increasing scheduled athroplasty volume without increasing resources?
pages 849-854
Roger Erivan, Thibault Chaput, Guillaume Villatte, Matthieu Ollivier, Stéphane Descamps, Stéphane Boisgard

Mémoire original
Burnout syndrome in orthopaedic and trauma surgery residents in France: A nationwide survey
pages 855-859
Grégoire Faivre, Hugo Kielwasser, Mickaël Bourgeois, Marie Panouilleres, François Loisel, Laurent Obert

Lettres à la rédaction
Lettre à la rédaction
Comments on: “Hip resurfacing before 50 years of age: A prospective study of 979 hips with a mean follow-up of 5.1 years” by J. Girard, A. Lons, N. Ramdane, S. Putman published in Orthop Traumatol Surg Res. 2018; 104(3): 295-299
pages 860-861
Christophe Trojani

Lettre à la rédaction
Reply to the letter by Christophe Trojani
page 861
Julien Girard

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