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Revue de Chirurgie Orthopédique et Traumatologique

précedemment Revue de Chirurgie orthopédique et réparatrice de l'appareil moteur

Vol 104 - N°7 - novembre 2018
P. 641-760
© 2020, Elsevier Masson SAS

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Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty: Is a reappraisal in order?
pages 641-642
Jean Noël Argenson, Philippe Beaufils

Mémoire original
Single-stage bilateral medial Oxford Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty: A case-control study of perioperative blood loss, complications and functional results
pages 643-648
Arnaud Clavé, Emeline Gauthier, Navraj S. Nagra, François Fazilleau, Anthony Le Sant, Frédéric Dubrana

Mémoire original
Complications and cost of single-stage vs. two-stage bilateral unicompartmental knee arthroplasty: A case-control study
pages 649-654
C. Siedlecki, P. Beaufils, B. Lemaire, N. Pujol

Mémoire original
Fewer complications after UKA than TKA in patients over 85 years of age: A case-control study
pages 655-660
Quentin Ode, Romain Gaillard, Cécile Batailler, Yannick Herry, Philippe Neyret, Elvire Servien, Sébastien Lustig

Mémoire original/Travaux de la Société orthopédique de l’ouest (SOO)
Ambulatory unicompartmental knee arthroplasty: Short outcome of 50 first cases
pages 661-666
N. Ruiz, X. Buisson, G. Filippi, M. Roulet, H. Robert, la Société orthopédique de l’ouest (SOO) c

Mémoire original
Outpatient total knee arthroplasty: Re-admission and complication rates on day 30 in 61 patients
pages 667-670
Xavier Cassard, Valérie Garnault, Boris Corin, Denis Claverie, Jérôme Murgier

Mémoire original
Computer navigation for total knee arthroplasty achieved better postoperative alignment compared to conventional and patient-specific instrumentation in a low-volume setting
page 671
Eduardo M. Suero, Ulrich Lueke, Timo Stuebig, Nael Hawi, Christian Krettek, Emmanouil Liodakis

Mémoire original
Predictability of open superficial medial collateral ligament lengthening technique in total knee arthroplasty. Comparison of multiple needle puncturing and subperiosteal elevation: A cadaver study
page 672
Khanin Iamthanaporn, Alan Geater, Varah Yuenyongviwat

Mémoire original
Kinematic alignment of current TKA implants does not restore the native trochlear anatomy
pages 673-685
Charles Rivière, Fatima Dhaif, Hemina Shah, Adam Ali, Edouard Auvinet, Arash Aframian, Justin Cobb, Stephen Howell, Simon Harris

Mémoire original
Distal femoral torsion: Differences between Caucasians and Asians. A multicentre computed tomography study of 515 distal femurs
pages 686-690
Jérôme Murgier, Élodie Chantalat, Ke Li, Philippe Chiron, Norbert Telmon, Wei Huang, Émilie Berard, Etienne Cavaignac
Iconographies Compléments 

Mémoire original
Tranexamic acid is effective for blood management in open-wedge high tibial osteotomy
page 691
Kang-Il Kim, Hwan Jin Kim, Gi Beom Kim, Seong Hae Bae

Mémoire original
Medial knee osteoarthritis precedes medial meniscal posterior root tear with an event of painful popping
page 692
Dhong Won Lee, Sung Gyu Moon, Na Ra Kim, Min Seok Chang, Jin Goo Kim

Rachis, Bassin
Mémoire original
Relationship between sagittal radiographic parameters and disability in patients with spinal disease using 3D standing analysis
page 693
Hiroyuki Yoshihara, Kazuhiro Hasegawa, Masashi Okamoto, Shun Hatsushikano, Kei Watanabe

Note de technique
Inter-spinalis-longissimus mid-line approach for thoracic and thoracolumbar minimally invasive fixation: Technical note
pages 694-698
Jean-Louis Labbe, Olivier Peres, Olivier Leclair, Renaud Goulon, Patrice Scemama, François Jourdel, Sebastien Levy, Sarah Bakouche

Mémoire original
Influence of comorbidities on patients reported outcomes in degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis
pages 699-705
Emmanuelle Ferrero, Guillaume Lonjon, Benjamin Bouyer, Marc Sabourin, Mourad Ould-Slimane, Pierre Guigui

Mémoire original
Determination of bone density in patients with sacral fractures via CT scan
page 706
Josephine Berger-Groch, Darius M. Thiesen, Dimitris Ntalos, Lars G. Grossterlinden, Eric Hesse, Florian Fensky, Maximilian J. Hartel

Mémoire original
Combined teriparatide and denosumab therapy accelerates spinal fusion following posterior lumbar interbody fusion
page 707
Manabu Ide, Katsutaka Yamada, Kanichirou Kaneko, Tatsuhiro Sekiya, Kenzo Kanai, Takayuki Higashi, Tomoyuki Saito

Mémoire original
C1 fracture: Analysis of consolidation and complications rates in a prospective multicenter series
pages 708-713
Maxime Lleu, Yann Philippe Charles, Benjamin Blondel, Laurent Barresi, Benjamin Nicot, Vincent Challier, Joël Godard, Pascal Kouyoumdjian, Nicolas Lonjon, Paulo Marinho, Eurico Freitas, Sébastien Schuller, Stéphane Fuentes, Jérémy Allia, Julien Berthiller, Cédric Barrey

Mémoire original
Minimally invasive screw fixation is as stable as anterior plating in acetabular T-Type fractures – a biomechanical study
pages 714-715
Christopher A. Becker, Christian Kammerlander, Adrian C. Kussmaul, Fabian Dotzauer, Matthias Woiczinski, Bianka Rubenbauer, Fabian Sommer, Christoph Linhart, Simon Weidert, Christian Zeckey, Axel Greiner

Mémoire original
Posterior pelvic ring fractures: Intraoperative 3D-CT guided navigation for accurate positioning of sacro-iliac screws
page 716
Simone Ghisla, Francesca Napoli, Gyozo Lehoczky, Marco Delcogliano, Nermine Habib, Michele Arigoni, Giuseppe Filardo, Christian Candrian

Note de technique
Bone and parietal anterior iliac crest reconstruction for transiliac hernia after tricortical graft harvesting: An original technique
pages 717-720
Matthieu Malatray, Turki Al Qahtani, Olivier Monneuse, Vincent Pibarot, Julien Wegrzyn

Mémoire original
Cobalt-chrome and titanium alloy rods provide similar coronal and sagittal correction in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
pages 721-725
Yann Sabah, Jean-Luc Clément, Federico Solla, Olivier Rosello, Virginie Rampal

Mémoire original
Can Gartland II and III supracondylar humerus fractures be treated using Blount's method in the emergency room?
pages 726-728
Jonathan Thomas, Olivier Rosello, Ioana Oborocianu, Federico Solla, Jean-Luc Clement, Virginie Rampal

Mémoire original
Assessing 3D paediatric foot morphology using low-dose biplanar radiography: Parameter reproducibility and preliminary values
pages 729-735
Virginie Rampal, Pierre-Yves Rohan, Rebekah Saksik, Philippe Wicart, Wafa Skalli

Mémoire original
Outpatient paediatric arthroscopy: A retrospective study in 216 patients
pages 736-739
Walid Lakhal, Kitisack Chanthany, Laurent Bund, Ludovic Schneider, Philippe Gicquel

Poignet, Main
Mémoire original
Do trapeziometacarpal prosthesis provide better metacarpophalangeal stability than trapeziectomy and ligamentoplasty?
pages 740-745
Benjamin Degeorge, Louis Dagneaux, Julien Andrin, Cyril Lazerges, Bertrand Coulet, Michel Chammas

Mémoire original
Conservative treatment of distal ulna metaphyseal fractures associated with distal radius fractures in elderly people
page 746
Kotaro Sato, Kenya Murakami, Yoshikuni Mimata, Norio Numata, Hideo Shiraishi, Minoru Doita

Mémoire original
Comparison of volar versus dorsal screw fixation for scaphoid waist fractures: A finite element analysis
page 747
Baver Acar, Ozkan Kose, Yusuf Alper Kati, Omer Faruk Egerci, Adil Turan, Halil Yalcin Yuksel

Mise au point
Tests for predicting reimplantation success of two-stage revision for periprosthetic joint infection: A systematic review and meta-analysis
page 748
Tao Bian, Hongyi Shao, Yixin Zhou, Yong Huang, Yang Song

Mémoire original
Update on the supply and use of allografts in locomotor system pathologies in France
pages 749-755
Roger Erivan, Guillaume Villatte, Matthieu Ollivier, Stéphane Descamps, Stéphane Boisgard

Lettres à la rédaction
Lettre à la rédaction
Patient information, considerations about two recent articles
page 756
Richard Béracassat

Lettre à la rédaction
Reply to the letter of Richard L. Béracassat
pages 756-757
Henry Coudane, Philippe Tracol

In memoriam
In memoriam
pages 758-759
Alain-Charles. Masquelet

In memoriam
page 760
Jacques-Yves Nordin, Bernard Augereau

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