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Revue de Chirurgie Orthopédique et Traumatologique

précedemment Revue de Chirurgie orthopédique et réparatrice de l'appareil moteur

Vol 102 - N°7S - novembre 2016
91e Réunion annuelle de la SOFCOT
P. S48-S199
© 2020, Elsevier Masson SAS

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Résumés des communcations particulières
Ostéoblastes autologues (PREOB) versus concentré de moelle autologue dans l’ostéonécrose de la tête fémorale : étude randomisée
page S73
Jean-Philippe Hauzeur, Michel Toungouz, Chantal Lechanteur, Yves Beguin, Étienne Baudoux, Viviane De Maertelaer, Sanjiva Pather, Raphaël Katz, Julia Ino, Dominique Egrise, Michel Malaise, Valérie Gangji

page S73
Elhadi Sari-Ali, Filippo Vandelbulcke, Hugues-Pascal Moussellard

Femoro-acetabular impingement by cam effect–3D dynamic control of arthroscopic resection efficacy
page S74
Jérôme Tonetti

page S74
Antoine Morice, Florian Ducellier, Pascal Bizot

Influence of preliminary conservative abutment surgery by on the outcomes of primary hip joint replacements to address dysplasia: A case-control study
page S75
Kevin Benad, Sophie Putman, Cyril Delay, Julien Girard, Gilles Pasquier, Henri Migaud

page S75
Fabien Billuart, Stéphane Van-Driessche, Julien Beldame, Flore Matsoukis, Marion Masse, Héléna Brunel, Patrice Guiffault, Jean Matsoukis

Contribution of navigation in the management of length and lateralisation, over a continuous series of 321 hip replacements
page S76
Arnaud Clavé, Vincent Sauleau, Damien Cheval, Thomas Williams, Christian Lefèvre, Eric Stindel

Similar clinical outcomes and survival rates between computer-assisted THR and standard instrumentation. Randomised trial, 10 years experience
page S76
Matthieu Ollivier, Jean-Noël Argenson, Sébastien Parratte, Alexandre Lunebourg, Xavier Flecher

Comparison of the outcomes of a total hip replacement with “short stem” vs “standard length tem” with a minimum FU of 2 years
page S77
Ramy Belhaouane, Eric Havet, David Elkoun, Yassine Bulaïd, Patrice Mertl

Complications on a shortened femoral shaft presenting a peri-operative fracture. A prospective series of 735 cases
page S77
Jean-Marc Puch, Löys Descamps, Guy Derhi

page S77
Pierre Martz, Emmanuel Baulot, Abderrahmane Bourredjem, Davy Laroche, Brice Viard, Paul Ornetti

Influence of experience on the intra- and inter-observer reproducibility of Crowe, Hartofilakidis and SoFCOT-modified Cochin's classifications
page S78
Arnaud Clavé, Ludovic Tristan, Antoine Desseaux, François Gaucher, Christian Lefèvre, Eric Stindel

page S78
Elhadi Sari-ali, Hugues-Pascal Moussellard

The distal epiphyseal twist of femur measured by CT scan is symmetrical. Advantage in the case of a bilateral TKA or a revision
page S79
David Dujardin, Jean-Sébastien Béranger, Jean-François Taburet, Ali Maqdes, Philippe Beaufils, Nicolas Pujol

Can the preoperation assessment of patient profile predict short-term functional results and patient satisfaction after a TKA
page S79
Matthieu Ollivier, Sebastien Parratte, Jean-Noel Argenson, Alexandre Lunebourg

page S80
João Duarte Silva, Bernardo Nunes, Filipe Duarte, Frederico Raposo, Luís Valente, Artur Antunes, Paulo Oliveira, António Sousa

Does a TKA cam reproduce the femoro-tibial contact roll back during flexion? Analysis of a series of 57 postero-stabilized prostheses
page S80
Bruno Tillie, François Quandalle

page S80
Romain Gaillard, Philippe Neyret, Elvire Servien, Sebastien Lustig, Simone Cerciello

Causes of implant malpositioning in TKA when using specific ancillary. Randomized MRI study vs CT scan vs navigation
page S81
Nicolas Tardy, Jean-Sébastien Béranger, Nicolas Pujol, Philippe Beaufils

page S81
Samuel Boulezaz, Laurent Casabianca, Sylvie Chevret, Moussa Hamadouche, Philippe Anract, David Biau

Does computer-aided surgery influence the outcome and survival of cementless TKAs in knee osteoarthritis? A prospective and comparative study with a minimum follow-up of 10 years
page S82
Hervé Ouanezar, Florent Franck, Alexandre Jacquel, Vincent Pibarot, Julien Wegrzyn

page S82
Florent Franck, Hervé Ouanezar, Alexandre Jacquel, Vincent Pibarot, Julien Wegrzyn

Is early morbi-mortality after a bilateral TKA implanted in a single session acceptable?
page S83
Christophe Trojani, Thomas D’ollonne, Vincent Lavoué, Michel Carles, Pascal Boileau

Revision after loosening of tibial component in a cemented Nexgen TKA - Case-controlled study of a modular MiniKeel versus a standard keel
page S83
Charles Kajetanek, Philippe Beaufils, Nicolas Pujol, Benjamin Bouyer

page S84
Yassine Bulaïd, Céline Klein, François Deroussen, Marie-Christine Plancq, Richard Gouron

Results of the Montpellier method in the treatment of the idiopathic congenital varus and equinus culbfoot. A series of 267 feet (176 children)
page S84
Djamel Louahem M'sabah, Jérôme Cottalorda, Pascal Dequae, Frederique Bonnet-dimeglio

page S84
Servane Le-Lez-Soquet, Philippe Violas, Bernard Fraisse, Catherine Treguier, Sylvette Marleix, Grégory Lucas, Pierre Darnault

3D evaluation of Evans osteotomy for flat feet in children. 13 cases, technical consequences
page S85
François Bonnel, Federico Canavese, Alain Dimeglio

Long-term results of ankle bones fusion in young hemophilic patients
page S85
Nicolas de L’Escalopier, Alina Badina, Christophe Glorion, Philippe Wicart, Jean-Paul Padovani, Chantal Rothschild

Efficiency of an anterior hemitibialis transfer in the spastic foot of palsied child. A video-based quantitative study of walking
page S86
Anne-laure Simon, Thomas Stevignon, Brice Ilharreborde, Keyvan Mazda, Cindy Mallet, Ana Presedo

Correction of the dynamic medial rotation of the hip in cerebral palsied adolescents with walking abilities
page S86
Bruno Dohin, Elie Haddad, Hassan Al-Khoury-Salem, Mehrez-Mohamed Kilani

L’allongement myofascial percutané des ischiojambiers médiaux est-il aussi efficace et anodin que la chirurgie par voie ouverte ?
page S87
Ismat Ghanem, Joseph Derienne, Toni Mansour, Michel Daher, Ayman Assi

Wrong hip behaviour and spinal deformities with a neurological origin in children, a new surgical strategy
page S87
Nejib Khouri, Alina Badina, Lotfi Miladi

Neurological hip dislocation in children. Result of Tönnis triple osteotomy
page S88
Clement Spiry, François Bergerault, Benoit De Courtivron, Thierry Odent, Christian Bonnard

A multicentre comparison of recruitment and the consequences of mutisite surgery with Gait Profil Score
page S88
Néjib Khouri, Eric Desailly

page S88
Eric Desailly, Omar Galarraga, Vigneron Vincent, Bernadette Dorizzi, Néjib Khouri

Prophylactic Injection of tranexamic acid to reduce THR perioperative morbidity. A clinical study with randomised doses
page S89
Hervé Hourlier, Nicolas Reina, Emmanuel Fricault, Peter Fennema

page S89
João Duarte Silva, Bernardo Nunes, Mariana Ferreira, Manuel Seara, António Mateus, Antonio Sousa, Artur Antunes, Rui Pinto

Should both limbs be equalized in all patients with total hip replacement?
page S90
Jonathan Hourtal, Nicolas Reina, Gauthier Gracia, Etienne Cavaignac, Philippe Chiron

A 20 to 30 years follow-up on a series of 347 uncemented total hip replacements
page S90
Laurent Jacquot, Julien Chouteau, Jean-Pierre Vidalain, Jean-Charles Rollier

Uncemented total hip prostheses with a ceramic-ceramic friction couple (BIOLOXy delta). Concerning a multicentre retrospective series of 469 patients with over four years of follow-up. Outcomes, complications, and squeaking analysis
page S91
Jean-Charles Rollier, Laurent Jacquot, Jean-Christophe Chatelet, Tarik-Ait Si Selmi, Michel Bonnin, Michel-Henry Fessy, Bernard Masson

Analysis of the risk of aseptic loosening with the third-generation Corail stem (Depuy) with a 12-year follow-up
page S91
Lucie Louboutin, Romain Desmarchelier, Michel-Henry Fessy

page S91
Cyril Courtin, Anthony Viste, Desmarchelier Romain, Olivier Cantin, Michel Fessy

Second-generation highly reticulated polyethylene doped with vitaminute E vs conventional PEl in total hip replacement. Randomised prospective study with a minimum of 4 years follow-up
page S92
Caroline Scemama, Philippe Anract, Valérie Dumaine, Antoine Babinet, Jean-Pierre Courpied, Moussa Hamadouche

page S92
Cyril Delay, Sophie Putman, Varenka Bariatinsky-Lancelier, Grégoire Dereudre, Julien Girard, Henri Migaud

Resumption of work after primary total of hip and knee replacements in the French population
page S93
Michael Mangin, Jean-Baptiste Gross, Vincent Seivert, Rémi Belleville, Henry Coudane, Bertrand Gavanier, Manuela Barla, Didier Mainard

page S93
Pierre-Emmanuel Ridon, Sophie Putman, Alexis Perrin, Henri Migaud, Julien Grirard

Uncemented primary total hip replacement with a metal-metal friction couple (28 mm) among young active patients. Outcomes at with mean 13 years follow-up
page S94
Christian Delaunay, Sophie Putman, Benjamin Puliéro, Matthieu Bégin, Henri Migaud, François Bonnomet

page S94
Angelo Rusconi, Eurico Freitas-Olim, Pierre Coloma, Jean-Étienne Castelain, Rostom Messerer, Cédric Barrey

Unstable thoraco-lumbar fractures - osteosynthesis following a modified Harri Luque technique. A report on 382 cases
page S95
Rabah Atia, Hatem Moncef Atia, Rami Boumaïza, Abderrahmane Djeddou

Arthritis and spontaneous posterior joint fusion after percutaneous ostoesynthesis on thoraco-lumbar fractures
page S95
Alix Tromme, Yann-Philippe Charles, Sébastien Schuller, Axel Walter, Mickaël Schaeffer, Jean-Paul Steib

Percutaneous ostesynthesis of the thoracolumbar spinal fractures: Should we explant?
page S96
Hugo Darmanté, Nicolas Bronsard, Laurent Barresi, Nicolas Morin-Salvo, Régis-Bernard De-Dompsure, Fernand De-Peretti

Percutaneous fixation of vertebral fractures: Clinical and radiological results
page S96
José-Gomes Marinhas, Henrique Sousa, Rolando Freitas, Rui Rocha, Rui Lemos

page S96
João Morais, Zico Gonçalves, Carla Martins, Miguel Varzielas, Eduardo Mendes, Manuel Sousa

Epidemiology of pelvic fractures. Interest of the orthopaedic treatment
page S97
Pierre Laumonerie, Nicolas Reina, Paul Bonnevialle, Jean-Michel Laffosse, Philippe Chiron

page S97
Sara Machado, Luís Vieira, Rui Pinto, Isabel Pinto, Paulo Ribeiro De Oliveira, Miguel Marta

Description and validation of a repeatable diagnostic method of acetabular fractures
page S98
Guillaume Riouallon, Amer Sebaaly, Mourad Zaraa, Peter Upex, Pomme Jouffroy

Extra-acetabular fractures of the pelvic ring. Comparison of functional results after surgical or orthopaedic treatment on a series of 146 patients
page S98
Marion Lagier, Marie Le Baron, Pascal Maman, Richard Volpi, Benjamin Blondel, Xavier Flecher

page S98
Jean-Marc Feron, Pierre Gabach, Eric Lespessailles, Daniel Buchon, Maryline Douge, Laurent Grange, Claire Leboucher, Erik Legrand, Gabrielle Peyre-Lanquar, Eléonore Ronflé, Pascal Guggenbuhl, Thierry Thomas

Evolution of the bone coverage of dysplasic hips depending of the cartilage coverage as assessed with MRI
page S99
Paul Walbron, Florence Müller, Laurence Mainard-Simard, Eva Polirsztok, Dominique Barbier, Pierre Journeau

page S99
Naima Loucheur, Guillaume Authier, Elisabeth Castanier, Vincent Pomero, Jean-Luc Jouve, Sébastien Pesenti, Elke Viehweger

Validation of Ottawa rules in ankle trauma for a paediatric population in Portugal
page S100
Patricia Rodrigues, Campagnolo João, Tavares Delfin, Norte Ramos Susana, Santeanna Francisco, Ovídio Joana, Jordão Pedro

page S100
Marion Delpont, Pierre-Louis Bernard, Djamel Louahem, Jerôme Cottalorda, Isabelle Laffont, Bertrand Coulet

Vascularised fibula or induced membrane in the treatment of congenital tibial mal-unions? A multicenter study on 18 cases with a mean follow-up of 9.5 years
page S101
Florence Vigouroux, Guillaume Mezzadri, Roger Parot, Aram Gazarian, Stéphanie Pannier, Franck Chotel

Morbidity of harvested vascularised fibular flaps
page S101
Manuela Barla, Eva Polirsztok, Jean-Luc Jouve, Régis Legre, Emilie Peltier, Gilles Dautel, Stéphane Barbary, Pierre Journeau

page S101
Emilie Peltier, Régis Legre, André Gay, Sébastien Pesenti, Dominique Barbier, Jean-Luc Jouve

MRI in the assessment of Ewing's tumours. Correlations between anatomy and imaging
page S102
Camille Thevenin-lemoine, Louise Destombes, Anne Brouchet, Julie Vial, Christiane Baunin, Franck Accadbled

page S102
Dominique Barbier, Jean-Luc Jouve, Gérôme Sales-De-Gauzy, Gilles Dautel, Pierre Journeau

Epidemiology of femur fractures next to the hip implant - a prospective multicentric on 39 cases, morbidity and mortality after early weight bearing
page S103
Alexis Perrin, Marc Saab, Christophe Chantelot

page S103
Jacques Tabutin, Rachid Abdelillah, Olivier Gastaud

Comparison of morbidity-mortality in a series of 24 patients with a 2-piece replacement following peri-implant fracture with the 2005 series of 25 patients in which the femoral pivot alone was changed, non randomized prospective
page S104
Alexis Perrin, Marc Saab, Pierre Cholewinski, Henri Migaud, Christophe Chantelot

Prognosis of total and partial hip replacement for femur neck fractures, a retrospective study on 199 cases
page S104
Pierre Boutroux, Baptiste Boukebous, Pascal Guillon

Comparative study of cemented vs cementless hip implants in elderly patients with femoral neck fracture
page S105
Yoann Portet, Nicolas Reina

Total hip replacement for trochanteric regional fractures in patients above 80 years of age - results and analysis
page S105
Thibault Devaux, Pauline Duriez

Termination of plavix (clopidogrel) treatment and proximal femur fractures
page S105
Lucas Mattesi, Thibaut Noailles, Nadia Rosencher, Jean-Louis Rouvillain

page S106
João Duarte Silva, Daniela Linhares, Mariana Ferreira, Nuno Neves, Manuel Ribeiro Silva, António Sousa, Nélson Amorim, Rui Pinto

Neovascularisation of the ulna dista–an anatomical study of 20 cases
page S106
Nicolas Lebeau, Eric Havet, Pettra Barhoum

page S106
Sylvie Collon, Stephen Tham, David Mccombe, Anthony Berger

Scaphocapitate arthrodesis in the advanced stages of the Kienböck disease - a 4–8 year retrospective study
page S107
David Montoya-faivre, Germain Pomares, Clotilde Strugarek-lecoanet, Sandrine Huguet, François Dap, Gilles Dautel

page S107
Alexandre Cerlier, Aurélie Iniesta, Didier Guinard, André-Matthieu Gay, Régis Legré

The free interposition implant made of Pi2 pyrocarbon in the treatment of rhizarthrosis. Outcomes with more than 10 years of retrospect
page S108
Charles Agout, Ludovic Ardouin, Philippe Bellemère

Pseudoarthrosis/nonunion of the carpal scaphoid - what should we retain from our first 27 arthroscopic transplant cases?
page S108
Ludovic Ardouin, Charles Agout, Philippe Bellemere

page S109
Emmanuella Peraut, Iskander Djerbi, Claire Jourdan, Flavia Coroian, Isabelle Laffont, Michel Chammas, Bertrand Coulet

Use of the pneumatic tourniquet on the upper limb after axillary dissection surgery–literature review
page S109
Germain Pomares, Julien Gaillard, David Montoya-faivre, François Dap, Gilles Dautel

page S109
Julie Lebon, Pierre Mansat, Fanny Elia, Vadim Azoulay, Stéphanie Delclaux, Costel Apredoaei, Michel Rongières

Sarcoma of the soft tissues - one third of the patients scheduled for radiotherapy after surgery are not properly treated
page S110
Laurent Casabianca, Sarah Kreps, Martin Housset, Sylvie Helfre, Philippe Anract, David Biau

page S110
Jean-camille Mattei, Véronique Brouste, Philippe Terrier, Axel Lecesnes, Sylvie Bonvalot, Eberhard Stoeckle, Antoine Italiano, Dominique Ranchere-vince, Pierre Meeus, Jean-Yves Blay, Marick Lae, Philippe Rosset, Gonzague Depinieux, Paul Bonnevialle, Georges Curvale, Alexandre Rochwerger, Jean-michel Coindre, Sébastien Salas

Results and analysis of the records of patients with primary bone tumors registered in the French RESOS network in 2015
page S111
Francois Gouin, de Pinieux Gonzague, Juliane Berchoud, Gregory Cherrier, Sophie Piperno-Neumann, Gilles Missenard, Perrine Marec Berard, Sophie Dumoucel, Jean-Yves Blay, Jean-Michel Coindre

page S111
Marie Titecat, Eric Senneville, Michel Valette, Sophie Nguyen, Henri Migaud, Caroline Loiez

Le traitement des fractures ouvertes du tibia avec un clou verrouillée intramédullaire avec un noyau libérant des antibiotiques (SAFE DualCore Universel). Étude comparative avec clou verrouillé intramédullaire standard
page S112
Nuno Craveiro-lopes

Repeated debridement and negative pressure therapy with instillment to treat chronic osteomyelitis
page S112
Jean-michel Laffosse, Képa Iglesias, Marion Grare, Pierre Delobel, Anne Gomez-Brouchet, Marion Arthozoul, Aymeric André, Gso Crioac

page S112
Valérie Matter-Parrat, Jean-Yves Jenny, Cécile Ronde-Oustau, Cyril Boeri, Jeannot Gaudias

Suppressive antibiotic treatment, a therapeutical reality - a report on 73 cases of infection of joint prostheses
page S113
Vanina Meyssonnier, Valérie Zeller, Françoise Ducroquet, Younes Kerroumi, Luc Lhotellier, Jean-Marc Ziza, Simon Marmor

page S113
Clément Menez, Hugo Kielwasser, Grégoire Leclerc, Pauline Sergent, Laurent Obert

La ténotomie en V du sous-scapulaire pour la prothèse totale d’épaule
page S114
Laurent Lafosse, Thomas Christensen, Austin Vo, Marie Walcott, Johannes Plath

page S114
Brice Viard, Julien Andrin, Pierre Pottecher, Pierre Martz, Ludovic Labattut, Pierre Trouilloud, Emmanuel Baulot

Influence of glenoid biometrics on the results of total shoulder anatomic prostheses for primary shoulder osteoarthritis - when should we use patient specific guides?
page S115
Soufyane Bouacida, Cyril Lazerges, Bertrand Coulet, Michel Chammas

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