Archives des Maladies Professionnelles et de l'Environnement

Archives of occupational and environmental diseases

Vol 81 - N°1 - février 2020
P. 1-99
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Coronavirus, occupational health safety
pages 1-2
A. Descatha

Article originaux
Article original
Spreading of the different professional sectors with risk of exposure among the leptospirosis cases diagnosed in France between 2007 and 2017
pages 3-12
C. Durfort, P. Bourée, D. Salmon

Article original
Essential oils & pregnancy at work
pages 13-23
M. Vaissière, J. Escale

Dans le monde
Dans le monde
Analysis of electrical accidents among employees of a company distributing electricity in Togo
pages 24-31
A.F. Tchicaya, I.N.A. Aka, A.A. Gafarou-touré, L.M.A. Nguessan, C.P. Guiégui, Y.M. Kouassi, J.S. Bonny

Dans le monde
Socioprofessional reinsertion after stroke in Yaounde
pages 32-39
L.J. Owona Manga, P. Ayelo, S.H. Mandengue, V.P. Djientcheu, S.A. Tassin Foguem, B. Wognin Sangah

Environnement juridique
Environnement juridique
The procedure of recognition of occupational diseases and labour doctor's opinion
pages 40-43
S. Fantoni Quinton, C. Czuba, C. Baumann

Test de lecture
Test de lecture
Improving the mental health and well-being of employees: What are the interventions that work?
page 44

Mise au point
Mise au point
Improving the mental health and well-being of employees: What are the interventions that work?
pages 45-54
V. Kovess-Masfety, L. Saunder, N. Mellor

Réponses au test de lecture
Réponses au test de lecture
Improving the mental health and well-being of employees: What are the interventions that work?
pages 55-56

Revue de presse scientifique
pages 57-58

Compte rendu de congres
Occupational human biomonitoring in Europe: The HBM4 EU Project
pages 59-60
N. Fréry, E. Ougier, S. Ndaw, M. El Yamani, C. Rousselle

pages 60-61
C. Chouaïd, L. Bigay-Game, F. Hérin

Drug consumption in working environment: A general population health marker?
pages 61-62
Maryse Lapeyre-Mestre

Occupational coronary heart disease
page 62
Jean-Pierre Houppe

The sedentariness at work: A true occupational risk
page 63
F. Dutheil, J. Ferrières, V. Magnon, G. Boude, Y. Esquirol

Consequences of occupational physical activities on cardiovascular disease
pages 63-64
Y. Esquirol, J. Ferrières, F. Dutheil

Night/shift work and cardiovascular risks
page 64
S. Boini, L. Weibel, M.A. Gautier

Study of the relationship between exposure to titanium dioxide (TiO2) and cause-specific mortality in an occupational cohort in France
page 64
A. Gaillen-Guédy, D. Luce, P. Wild, I. Guseva Canu

Association between formaldehyde occupational exposure and cognitive performances: results from the Constances cohort
page 65
N. Letellier, G. Choron, F. Artaud, A. Descatha, M. Goldberg, M. Zins, A. Elbaz, C. Berr

Occupational risk factors for lung cancer in the French West Indies
page 65
L. Cabréra, A. Auguste, L. Michineau, J. Deloumeaux, C. Joachim-Contaret, D. Luce

Sex-specific lung cancer risk across occupational and industrial groups in Switzerland (1990-2014)
pages 65-66
N. Bovio, I. Guseva Canu, Swiss National Cohort (SNC)

The impact of chronic myeloid leukemia therapy on employment: A cohort study from the French administrative health insurance database
page 66
F. Vayr, C. Conte, F. Despas, M. Gauthier, J.-M. Soulat, M. Lapeyre Mestre, F. Herin

Do artisans and employees who have been exposed to wood dust have the same psychological impact when initiating a procedure for screening nasosinus cancers by nasofibroscopy?
pages 66-67
V. Losfeld, C. Nisse, members CERBois, F. Herin, A. Leroyer

Parental occupations at birth and risk of testicular germ cell tumor in adulthood: A French case-control study
page 67
A. Paul, en collaboration avec l’équipe de recherche TESTIS, A.M.N. Danjou, B. Charbotel, O. Pérol, B. Dananché, J. Spinosi, L. Bouaoun, J. Schüz, B. Fervers

Agricultural exposures and risk of Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas (NHL), by subtypes: Results from the agriculture and cancer (AGRICAN) cohort
pages 67-68
A. Busson, S. Tual, M. Boulanger, M. Renier, R. Pons, C. Piel, C. Pouchieu, S. Perrier, AGRICAN-Group, A.V. Guizard, A. Monnereau, I. Baldi, P. Lebailly

A cohort study of agricultural workers exposed to chlordecone in the French West Indies: First mortality analysis
page 68
D. Luce, J. Dugas, A. Vaidie, L. Michineau, M. El-Yamani, L. Multigner

Prevalence of respiratory symptoms and diseases in a cohort of agricultural workers in five French districts in 2010
pages 68-69
L. Bénézet, M.C. Delmas, B. Geoffroy-Perez, Y. Iwatsubo

Coset-Indépendants et Coset-MSA: Two cohort studies for the epidemiological surveillance of self-employed and agricultural workers
page 69
B. Geoffroy-Perez, J.-L. Marchand, N. Soullier, P. Delézire, L. Bénézet, G. Deschamps, E. Breuillard, J. Chesneau

Evolution of occupational risk exposure over the last 20 years: First results from the french national Sumer survey
page 69
S. Memmi, É. Rosankis, N. Sandret, P. Duprat, M. Léonard, S. Morand, V. Tassy

Cardiovascular risks according to different profiles of night work and shift work
page 70
E. Bourgkard, Y. Esquirol, M. Dziurla, J. Ferrières, C. Ribet, S. Boini

The professional driving and cardiovascular risks: APPTIV cohort study
page 70
B. Buscail-Tan, C. Colonna, G. Duchalet-Serrano, C. Mazziotta, C. Meresse, S. Monier, C. Smallwood, J. Ferrières, Y. Esquirol

HTA and non-typical or offset working hours in SNCF (French railways)
page 71
F. Veirun, D. De Bensason

Weight of epidemiological evidence in classification of titanium dioxide by the European chemical agency
page 71
I. Guseva Canu, S. Fraize-Frontier, C. Michel, S. Charles

Unfitness for work in the Languedoc-Roussillon area from 2012 to 2016
pages 71-72
J.-P. Buch, C. Smallwood

Study of the relationship between exposure to titanium dioxide (TiO2) and cause-specific mortality in an occupational cohort in France
page 72
A. Gaillen-Guédy, D. Luce, P. Wild, I. Guseva Canu

Talking sleep when resuming work after cardiovascular pathology: Return of work by an occupational physician somnologist
page 72
L. Giboulot

Dose-response associations between occupational factors and sleep problems in France: Results from the national 2016 Working Conditions survey
pages 72-73
S. Bertrais, N. André, M. Beque, J.-F. Chastang, I. Niedhammer

Cumulative effects of occupational exposures on depression and anxiety in the working population of employees in France: Results from the national 2016 Working Conditions survey
page 73
S. Bertrais, A. Mauroux, J.-F. Chastang, I. Niedhammer

Working conditions and major depression in the French working population of employees: A study using the national SUMER 2016-17 survey data
pages 73-74
I. Niedhammer, K. Coindre, S. Memmi, S. Bertrais, J.-F. Chastang

Psychosocial work factors and mortality in France: STRESSJEM study protocol
page 74
I. Niedhammer, A. Milner, B. Geoffroy-Perez, T. Coutrot, A. La Montagne, J.-F. Chastang

Support of employees with chronic disease by occupational health service
pages 74-75
P. Fau-Prudhomot, H. Attali, R. Codron, F. Locher, P.-Y. Montéléon, V. Mora, M.-L. Sanchez, C. Wargon

Secondary contractual teachers in France: Working conditions, professional well-being and quality of life
page 75
T. Calon, S. Temam, M.N. Vercambre-Jacquot

Monitoring of the functioning of Occupational Health and Safety Committees (OHS Committees) over the period 2015 to 2016 in Côte d’Ivoire
page 75
J. Soya, B.Y. Yéboué-Kouamé, J.H. Kouadio, E.F. Boni, A.J. Eba

Agricultural exposure and risk of sarcomas in the AGRIculture and CANcer (AGRICAN) cohort
page 76
M. Renier, M. Boulanger, A. Busson, C. Piel, C. Pouchieu, R. Pons, S. Tual, B. Amadéo, B. Clin, I. Baldi, AGRICAN group, P. Lebailly

Coding of agricultural exploitations and jobs in the 2010 French agricultural census in French Nomenclature of Activities (NAF) and Occupations and Socio-Professional Categories (PCS)
pages 76-77
L. Cahour, T. Henry, L. Delabre, C. Pilorget

Non-medical staff and midwives commuting accidents in a French Hospital – 2012–2016
page 77
A. Ponsin, M.-A. Denis, E. Fort, M. Hours, B. Charbotel

Retrospective study of adverse effects of BCG vaccine in children under four years old
page 77
S. Belamalem, A. Tebaa, A. Khadmaoui, Mokhtari Abdelrhani, Soulaymani Abdelmajid, R. Soulaymani-Bencheik

The epidemiological characteristics of epidermal necrolysis in adults
pages 77-78
S. Belamalem, A. Tebaa, A. Khadmaoui, M. Abdelrhani, A. Soulaymani, R. Soulaymani-Bencheik

“ED/TEO score”: Identification of endocrine disruptors and/or toxic of endocrine organs effects of phytopharmaceutical active substances in organic and conventional farming
page 78
A. Paul, B. Charbotel

Surveillance of work-related road accidents in France, 2014 and 2015
page 78
J. Brière, B. Gadegbeku, E. Amoros, B. Charbotel

Number and reporting of blood exposure accidents in the medical staff
page 79
A. Massardier-Pilonchéry, T. Battail, E. Fort, M.-A. Denis, J.-B. Fassier

What are the specific characteristics of the work and health of temporary workers in the Hauts-de-France region?
page 79
F. Tone, R. Leroy, B. Leroyer, A. Leroyer, Groupe régional Hauts de France des médecins du travail suivant les Intérimaires

Mortality in lead and zinc smelter workers in Northern France: first results
pages 79-80
A. Leroyer, H. Gomajee, R. Leroy, M. Mazzuca, C. Nisse

Study of inter- and intra-individual variability in the measurement of oxidative stress biomarkers for validation for biomonitoring in environmental and occupational health
page 80
M. Hemmendinger, M. Graille, T. Ben Rayana, N. Hopf, J.-J. Sauvain, G. Suárez, I. Guseva Canu

Impact of working conditions on blood pressure in the VISAT cohort
pages 80-81
S. Huo Yung Kai, J.-B. Ruidavets, J.-C. Marquié, V. Bongard, J. Ferrieres, Y. Esquirol

Drug consumption in a cohort of workers from the Toulouse area in 2016
page 81
C. Gernigon, J. Othenin, A. Michaud, F. Vayr, V. Rousseau, E. Montastier, M. Lapeyre-Mestre, M. Niezborala, F. Hérin

Occupational risk factors for head and neck cancer in the French West Indies
pages 81-82
A. Auguste, L. Michineau, J. Deloumeaux, C. Joachim-Contaret, S. Duflo, D. Luce

Spatio-temporal pattern of lumbar herniated disc surgery in the French working-age population from 2006 to 2014
page 82
S. Smaïli, J. Plaine, E. Chazelle

Work-related diseases among large-scale food retailing employees in France–2009-2016 results
page 82
A. Fouquet, M. Robert, J.M. Wendling, M. Léonard, E. Boiselet, L. Garras, S. Smaïli, J. Homère, E. Sambany, J. Chatelot

Psychosocial risks’ evaluation among the workers of Claude Bernard Univesity Lyon 1: Identification of at-risk populations
page 83
J.G. Hahn, A. Paul, E. Fort, Y. Bridaï, B. Charbotel

Upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders: How many cases can be prevented? Estimates from the Cosali cohort for the Pays de la Loire region
page 83
A. Nambiema, J. Bodin, N. Fouquet, S. Bertrais, A. Aublet-Cuvelier, S.R. Stock, A. Descatha, Y. Roquelaure

In which industry sectors the epidemiological surveillance at the company level should be promoted? Usefulness of a composite score
page 84
F. Moisan, K. Chami

Assessment of determinants of occupational exposure to particulate matter in the underground railway areas and resulting oxidative stress
pages 84-85
T. Ben Rayana, M. Hemmendinger, N. Méthy, A. Debatisse, V. Jouannique, J.-J. Sauvain, N. Hopf, G. Suarez, J. Pralong, P. Wild, B. Guinhouya, I. Guseva Canu

Atlas in occupational health in French regions. A synthesis
page 85
M. Telle-Lamberton

Can psychiatric and somatic comorbidities explain the excess mortality by suicide in certain occupational groups in Switzerland?
page 85
M. Schmid, L. Michaud, N. Bovio, I. Guseva Canu, Suisse National Cohort (SNC)

Occupational risk factor in Occitanie: Description per employment zone
page 86
S. Cassadou, M. Astorg, E. Gardiès, F. Cayla

Realization of a shared diagnosis of occupational health in cartographic form
page 86
P. Bossi, S. Garcia, C. Levrat-Pinatel, M. Delaunay

Presentation of the first elements of the territorial diagnostic of Ametra Montpellier
pages 86-87
C. Bernardet, B. Celik, F.-X. Lesage

Using business software for epidemiological data collection: Example of IODA project (Uselessness in Occitanie: diagnosis and analyses)
page 87
S. Cassadou, groupe opérationnel du projet IODA

Health and job retention: How to take age-related issues into account?
pages 87-88
Serge Volkoff, Sophie Fantoni-Quinton

Return to work after a cardiovascular disease
page 88
Michel Galinier, Yolande Esquirol

pages 89-95

pages 96-99